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Bringing over a decade's worth of expertise to the cycling market, Token are world renowned and innovative suppliers of high quality bike components. Whether you’re a beginner, in training or taking on the world of competitive cycling, a Token bicycle component promises to improve your performance and comfort throughout your journey.

High Quality Bike Wheels

Whatever you need when it comes to bike parts, Token have a fantastic selection of high quality products to help upgrade your bike, including Token bike wheels. The right set of wheels can have a huge impact on your cycling performance, reducing vibrations and improving speeds, comfort and braking power. From super light carbon wheels to aerodynamic Token road wheels, a wheel from the range of Token cycling parts guarantees an all round superior riding experience.

Token at Cookstown Cycles

When it comes to selecting components for your bike, you need a brand you can trust. Token are known throughout the industry for their meticulous design and testing process. Looking at problems faced when riding, Token plan and produce products that can help. Following the initial design process, the products are constantly tested and refined to ensure only the best reach the market. Consistently pushing and raising testing standards, Token’s pride, passion and craftsmanship is clear throughout the range of Token wheels and Token freehubs.

If you’re looking for new parts for your bike, why not explore our full range of bicycle components? We carry an extensive range of bicycle parts, including chainsets, inner tubes, brakes, handlebars and stems.