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Road Bike Frames

Road Bike Frames
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Road bike frames are absolutely crucial when it comes to optimal road bike performance, and are arguably, along with the rider, the most important factor when it comes to impacting overall speed and handling. With that in mind, upgrading your current road bike frame, or a new road bike frame if you’re building from scratch, is definitely worth the investment. Compared with many other road bike components, a first-rate road frameset should be higher in your list of priorities as you’re likely to get the biggest boost from this upgrade relative to investment. A quality road bike frame upgrade over a stock frame will likely lower the overall weight of your bike and allow you to truly push your limits as you take on the road. Cookstown Cycles offers phenomenal high-tech carbon fiber road bikes at competitive prices, and if you’re looking for robust, lightweight and great-looking road bike framesets, our leading selection is second to none.

Road bike frames from the most acclaimed brands

One of our missions here at Cookstown Cycles is to make available the very best products from the most sought after brands in the cycling industry. You can browse exceptional road bike frames from Merida, Argon 18 and De Rosa - three of the most innovative names in the production of road bike framesets. We also have hand-picked road bike frames from each manufacturer’s 2016 releases. For more road bike upgrades, you might also like to browse our selection of dedicated road bike wheels and road bike tyres.