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Mountain Bike Tyres

Mountain Bike Tyres

View our range of MTB tyres from top brands such as Continental and Maxxis.


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Instantly improve your mountain bike performance with mountain bike tyres at Cookstown Cycles. Top brands such as Continental and Maxxis offer robust and high quality wheels for a faster and smoother ride.

Improve Your Mountain Bike Performance

When looking to improve your mountain biking performance, a new set of mountain bike tyres provides the ideal way to totally renovate your bike. Here at Cookstown Cycles we believe safety is a high priority when mountain biking, and tyres should be quickly replaced as soon as they begin to show any signs of wear. We carry a range of mountain bike tyres to help you get the most from your ride, offering faster speeds and high levels of shock absorption for smoother rides over difficult surfaces. New tyres can make the world of difference to your ride - a tyre with grip is imperative in off road situations, offering stability at high speeds and allowing you to travel up and downhill and over a variety of terrains easily and safely.

Top Brands at Cookstown Cycles

Here at Cookstown Cycles we’re proud to offer cycling solutions from some of the top brands in the industry, meaning all of the mountain bike tyres we offer are of the highest quality and guaranteed to stand the test of time. Explore Maxxis mountain bike tyres and Continental mountain bike tyres for the perfect way to improve your mountain biking performance today.

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